Advanced Technology

LIGHTHOUSE - The Boundary Security Planning System

Protecting the civilian population and critical infrastructure against acts of terrorism has become a global priority. Infrastructure designers and planners now play a critical role in enhancing homeland security and defense. Unmanned surveillance and reconnaissance devices are the backbone of many critical infrastructure sites.


Lighthouse provides a vertical automated solution for the entire survey and planning process, and plans the locations of towers, sensor heights and coverage, and response force locations necessary for timely threat interception. Lighthouse performs line-of-sight and time and space analyses on a 3-D computer model of the threat and protected areas of interest, and produces guard post, sensor, barrier, and response force positions automatically once the areas have been defined by the user.


Planners can select a wide variety of commercial radar, camera and acoustic sensors. Lighthouse can calculate sensor parameters such as coverage areas and blind spot areas for already installed sensors as well, dramatically reducing planning time, management costs and overheads. Security risk projects require precise and reliable calculations.


Lighthouse integrates a wide range of data including:

* Operational Security requirements and up to date Intelligence
* Environmental characteristics
* Facility Engineering data for existing and future planning
* Aerial and satellite mapping (GIS) data
* Existing and planned communication and power supply networks
* Radar and Camera Sensor specifications